Sunday, August 8, 2010

10K Brew2Shoe- Manhattan

Russ, Suzy, Scott pre-Brew2Shoe
The Brew2Shoe 10K really got our juices flowing…the background. Scott and I had been working out in bootcamp/classes/gym format since Nov 2009. In June 2010, while seeing great results we began to hit a wall in regard to weight loss. We discussed the idea of running but decided it was not cool enough and we would end up blowing up our knees.

Fast Forward a month, I ran into Suzy in June in Council Grove (hometown). She was doing a walk while I was talked into a 5K with my cousin Cindy Silva. Suzy told me she was a runner and how enjoyable it was as a hobby (some people collect stamps or mail order brides, others run and torture their body, hobby has very broad definitions).

Once I told Scott that I was signing up for a half marathon he could not let me “one up him” so he signed up like 5 minutes later. We were going through the motions not quite sure what to expect until we went to the Brew2Shoe, Scott’s first race ever, my second.


Such a needed race as the training runs were boring and we just weren’t into it. But once we got the true race day experience we were in. I honestly don’t remember much about the race, it went quick, we finished in 67 minutes and it was not nearly as hot as it had been the prior two weeks.

But all in all a great experience and Suzy was awesome showing us the ropes.
Sweaty, Post-race