Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Story - Chris "Russ" Thomas

I am a food addict.
So when you are addicted to food you can become 400+ lbs, I enjoyed eating.  I still enjoy eating but realize now the high you get from food (and it is a high) is not worth it.  To have a 15-20 minute time frame when you are happy eating and then feel bad both physically and mentally for hours after or until you get your next fix is crazy…but that is how I lived my life for a long time.  Here is my story.
In 2002, I saw my doctor and his scale went to 400 lbs, but I was bigger than that. I was off the scale; I was on blood pressure medication and cholesterol meds.  I was 30 years old. I realized at this point that I had to make changes; the food and booze in my life were out of control.  I began by working out regularly with some friends.  I was 325 lbs in 2004 when Jaime and I married.  So at this point I had lost about 100 pounds through regular exercise and a better diet, still not good, but better.

Between 2004 and 2008 my weight was constant (about 325).  I continued regular workouts but diet was still not good enough to see more change.  I considered a gastric bypass in 2008 but decided against it. What I didn’t like about this plan was that physically, I wouldn’t be able to eat as much, but emotionally, I might continue to have the urges to eat. This is why people who have these types of surgeries gain the weight back, and I didn’t want to be one of them.
 In 2009 I went to iFAST in Indy…an awesome sports training facility and found two great “health mentors”, Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson. These guys are spectacular at what they do; with their help, we were able to increase the intensity of my workouts AND improve my diet.  I lost 20 pounds in 2009 so I was 305 lbs when we returned to KC in Nov 2009.
At this point, while much healthier than I had been in a long time (had lost 120 lbs in 7 years), I still needed to “slay the dragon”; that is my crappy eating habits.  I at this point did a couple things differently (see below) and continued with high intensity workouts with college buddy, Scott Lee at Coach Rut’s Bootcamp Fitness KC.  Coach Rut is an amazing coach! I lost 20 lbs in the first 60 days (140 lbs lost if you are still tracking).  I then sat down with my wife, Jaime and training buddy, Scott and found another useful tool in the on- going battle, we set goals then shared them for accountability.  Mine were simple:
ü  Lose 10 lbs in next 60 days
ü  Lose 30 lbs in 2010
ü  Run a half marathon                     
 Sounds easy, huh? Did I mention I travel weekly for work?  And moved back to KC “the scene of the crime” where all my buddies/family are with whom I shared many of these bad habits?       
I am pleased to report I was 245 on the scale today (December 29, 2010).  I have lost 40 lbs in 2010,making my total weight loss 160+ pounds in 8 years.  This year, I ran two half marathons, started a running club and basically got a new life, while losing an entire person’s worth of weight.  Not a bad way to have a KC Homecoming in 2010!

I have mapped out some 2011 goals to continue with my success and am always looking for a new challenge.  Below are a few tips and advice I’ve gained over my continued battle. I’m hoping they can help you…
Have a Healthy Support Network- I think “healthy” is contagious.  If you read in my story the network of friends, family, coaches/trainers has been invaluable.   A special thanks to my wife Jaime and training partners Suzy Hay and Scott Lee.  You will be amazed what can happen when you surrounding yourself with positive, healthy people.
Set, Write Down, Keep, and Tell Others about your GOALS – Not only will a well-thought out goal tell you where you’re headed, but once you achieve it, you can look back and realize how well you’ve done.
Get Accountable – Pick a person you know who encourages you, but more importantly, is allowed to push you when you don’t really want to hear it, that you’re messing up on your goals. Better yet, pick a few people.
 “You can’t out exercise a bad diet”- Bill Hartman (IFAST)-  This piece is so critical; I was busting my butt at 5:00 am workouts but not seeing results, it all came down to eating less and eating quality foods, not “food like substances” (I am talking to you Pop Tart!)
Keep a Food Diary- I have done a two week food diary 4-6 times in the last 18 months.  When you start logging and measuring out your portions and food selections you can see how a diet you may think is good can really be crappy as it was in my case.
Thanks for taking the time to read. If I can be helpful, please contact me at 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

9 Tips to Finish 2010 Strong

Finish Strong!
The end of 2010 is coming, where are you at on your goals? Are you on pace to end the year strong?
Here are a few pointers that can give you your second wind!
  • Sit down and write out 10 goals you want to accomplish for the next 2 weeks (by December 31st)
  • Remember goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Challenging, and Time-Specific, and Positively-stated
  • An example might look like this: 
    • I will do a cardio workout 3 times per week for 1 hour each time, through 12/31/10 
    • I’ve decided to “Positively Stated” because most people tend to have a goal or two worded negatively… for example, “I won’t eat chocolate cake”.  Instead of this negative statement, it would be better to say, “I will eat healthy desserts”.
  • Post them on your wall or refrigerator
  • Tell someone else about your goals & ask them to keep you accountable
  • This person should be someone who is allowed to push you!
  • Check back in with them frequently
  • Enjoy your success! Celebrate it somehow. Rewards of meeting goals are just as important as setting them in the first place. But plan ahead how you will reward yourself.
  • If you were unable to attain your goal, it’s alright! You’re still a great person! Reflect back on why you were unable to meet it.  There’s a ton of information to learn here… Did you set an unrealistic goal? Was there something specific that got in your way? … More on this in a later blog post.

Good Luck! And let us know if you need a little help with writing your goals.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Groundhog Run 2011

Did you know that Kansas City is littered with cities underground? Me neither. As it turns out, there are more than 3,000 people who at work for 170 companies 110 ft. to 200 ft. below our city’s surface. The temperature inside “The Caves” stays at a comparatively warm 68-degrees Fahrenheit year-round. (Read more in - TIME

Thus sets the scene for the next Thunder Road Racing Team. The Children’s Therapeutic Learning Center (Children’s TLC) will host its 29TH Annual Groundhog Run.  This run is believed to be the only completely underground 5/10K in the US. Children’s TLC offers evidence-based therapeutic and educational services in a variety of settings to children with and without disabilities. Thunder Road Racing Team is proud to support this worthy organization. In fact, there are a handful of mental health professionals on the TRR team, who know the benefits of providing services at an early age to challenged individuals!

29th Annual Groundhog Run

Click Here or at Packet Pickup

DATE:  Sunday, January 30, 2011 (Time?)

LOCATION:  Hunt Midwest SubTropolis
8300 NE Underground Drive, Kansas City, MO 64161
This is near AmeriStar Casino
Call (816) 363-4800 For Directions

Garry Gribble’s at the Ward Parkway Shopping Center (KCMO)
Friday, January 28th from Noon – 7pm
Saturday, January 29th from 9am – 2pm

PARKING:  Ameristar Casino Parking Lot  

So far, TRR runners Kari Decker, Cara Rhoades, Suzy Hay, Stephanie & Joshua Holloway (he’s 7!) Jaime Thomas & Russ Thomas will be attending the 10k… let us know if there are other TRR’s running… especially anyone running their FIRST RACE!
Last year’s race SOLD OUT (3500 racers)! So hurry to register. 

Groundhog Run Fast Facts
  • The 10k race is part of the Mid-America Running Association (MARA) Grand Prix series
  • ChampionChip timing is used in both races to provide accurate and timely results
  • The 2009 and 2010 races have sold out with over 3,200 registered runners each year
  • The race has become one of Kansas City’s most fun corporate competitions with over 91 sponsors participating and 173 eligible teams last year
  • Exclusive Corporate Hospitality Suite provides “team only” access
  • Individual runners come from 7 surrounding states


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gobbler Grind-Happy Thanksgiving!

What I am thankful for…running (more on this later).  Now that is not all…I have a wonderful wife, a great network of friends and family, a job I enjoy and a healthy lifestyle but running has meant more to me in 2010 than you can ever imagine.

On Sunday 11/21 Thunder Road Racing ran the Gobbler Grind Half Marathon. Scott Lee, Suzy Hay, and Chris Thomas completed the race. Jaime Thomas ran the 5K. This may have been our last race of the season but a great accomplishment by all.  Scott ran a PR on the course, he was awesome fast! Suzy ran a great race as well, this race resulted in injury for Suzy last year, so a great chance for her to leave Gobbler with a MUCH more positive outcome. My awesome wife ran a fast 5K and should be really proud. I hit my goals of not walking and finishing the race. I think it is indicative of how far we have come when a 13 mile run is ho-hum ordinary.  We have to remember there is nothing ordinary about completing this task!  It is a great accomplishment.
Team TRR-Pre-race

Now on to my “thanks”. I am a bit reflective today. You see, on Sunday around mile 10 we came across a runner who was down.  Paramedics were there and it did not look good. We have not heard the outcome but our thoughts and prayers are with the runner and his family. I have been thinking about this scene all week and it made me realize how thankful we should be for things we take for granted….a pasta dinner with friends, our health, sharing time with spouse/child, and running.

I am not a fast runner, never have been, never will be but I learn something about myself every time I run. On Sunday I had 2.5 hours of run time. This also equates to 2.5 hours of “think time”. The “think time” ranges from:
·         Happy thoughts- My wife (Jaime), TRR, training partners (Scott and Suzy), my sister and nephew running, my buddies Paco and Max, my healthy lifestyle choices to name a few.
·         Solving problems- work, meeting next healthy goal, being a better person.  
·         Finding Strength- Can I finish? Why am I doing this? Should I fake an injury?
·         Family/Friends- How proud I am of family, how proud they are of me.
Post Race

You hear all these great running quotes…”One foot in front of the other” “Running is a great metaphor for life” and I still think they are a bit sappy and cheesy for me. But know this, for me personally in my short 6 months of running I think I have become a better person, a better friend, and a better husband…not bad for a “stupid sport”. Oh yeah and a nice by product…I ran for 2.5 straight hours on Sunday!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Trick or Trot-Race Recap

So first off, imagine my surprise when I worked to get the TRR crew for this race and found out the “tricks” are not hookers.  That is embarrassing (sorry for the TRR solicitation lady, but you WERE dressed in your slutty nurse outfit).

Best Costumes: Richard Simmons, Rubic’s Cube, Marge and Homer Simpson, Slutty nurse, slutty butcher, slutty teacher, slutty nun, slutty cat (awesome band name “Slutty Cat”), slutty vet, and slutty funeral home director.

I am always amazed at the “firsts” that come up in running; I remember the first race I ran (Run-Shunga, Council Grove).  I was shocked at the people running the course twice, or running prior to the race.  That seemed crazy, well Saturday I was hoping for more miles to gear up for a race in November, so I ran 2 miles to the start of the race. I guess I am now in the “crazy” group.

Also “first” Chris Yates, Jenn’s fiancée’ ran with the race with us.  I am guessing Chris is very fast, pretty sure he never left second gear.  Interest note, Chris is a former Navy Seal, he has killed 13 men just this year! (kidding)

Chris, Jenn, Jaime, Russ
Oh yeah, we also took “Dirty” and “Smelly” or Max and Paco as you may know them. I wasn’t sure about taking them, as the race said no dogs, but I figured a 5K with 300 entries, costumes, and hookers would be okay with two dogs.  They were good, Paco ran with me and Max ran with Jaime.

Max and Paco
The weather was nice, and fine course, it actually is along a route Scott and I run regularly when training. Brad Fanning, Jenn Siehndel, Russ Thomas and Jaime Thomas also ran.  Proud to say the following PR’s:

  • Jaime
  • Russ
  • Jenn
We are looking forward to a few more races before it gets too cold.  As always come out and join us, we would love to have you run with us, cheer us on, or throw stuff at us!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Essential Step to Success in ANY area: Setting Goals

I've always set goals. Whether I realized I was "setting" them or not, I've always had something to stride toward. In my developmental years, they always seemed to have something to do with school. Finish high school to get to college, finish college to get to grad school, finish grad school to get a job. But there's a trend here:  the goals were easy to define, mostly because someone else set them for me. Don't misunderstand, I'm glad someone helped me succeed in school by setting goals for me. But goal setting itself was a skill I had to learn.

The basics

What is a Goal?

Goals are the accomplishment you're aiming toward. Goals are characterized by:
  • S = Specificity
  • M = Measurability
  • A = Attainability
  • R = Realistic yet Challenging
  • T = Time Constraints
Reflecting back, during the times in life when I did not have a specific goal... I felt like I was aimless. I wasn't wrong. I needed to sit down and articulate what I was planning on doing with my days.

This year, Russ and I set goals related to our health. I'm happy to say that we've had to re-do them going on 3 times... because we keep surprising ourselves, by ACHIEVING them! Had we not sat down and written them out, we would never have realized the accomplishment. Therefore,

The Benefits of Setting Goals
  • You can see where you're going, where you've been, and how long it took you to get there
  • Great for your mojo! It feels good to accomplish something. 
  • Keeps you on track
  • Gives you a "raison d'etre" (reason for being)
  • Bragging rights!

I won't ignore the downside: What if you don't hit your goal? Won't this damage your ego? Well, yes and no... yes, if you let it. But if you choose to let it teach you something about yourself, including causing you to adjust it to something slightly more realistic, or makes you even more determined, then it is a win.

My Challenge to You

  • Set a goal
  • Write it down
  • Post it somewhere you see it everyday
  • Tell someone else about it
  • Have them help by keeping you accountable (be willing to take the kick in the pants from them)
  • Take systematic measurements toward it (map your progress)

Do it now, and you'll be 2+ months in by New Years!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Race Day Recap- KC Half Marathon

4:50 am- Awake with Paco busting my chops to let him outside, alarm is set for 5:30, decide to get up.
Pre Race
4:58 am- Nervous, what to eat, where is my packet, long sleeves/short sleeves…kinda feels like I have had 4 cups of coffee and no breakfast.
5:50 am- Brad and Scott come over, we are in pre game mode, sharing stories, sack tapping each other, chewing tobacco and drinking coffee, pretty sweet.
6:00 am- Heading down to Crown Center, where to park, how is traffic…way too many questions for a silly little 13 mile run
6:03 am- First Fanning/Lee Verbal Joust
6:04 am- Parked, geared up in our sweet ass TRR shirts, IPods, 1000 TRR stickers to hand out/put on homeless people
6:09 am- Second Fanning/Lee Verbal Joust
6:30 am- "Someone” starts putting TRR stickers on light poles and porta potties
6:45 am- In line for bathroom
7:02 am- Still in line for bathroom
7:11 am- In bathroom (Ed Note: these runners have the bathroom looking and smelling like a Somalia Pirate Ship)
7:14 am- Third Fanning/Lee Verbal Joust
7:15 am- Fanning to make last minute bathroom stop, we are now in chute trying to get to the 2:25 pace group, no way we are making it up there, Fanning is caught in another bathroom line and we lose him before race starts.
7:25 am- Star Spangled Banner…just about kick off…but I gotta pee
7:32 am- Running!! Decide I can make it to bathroom break at mile 2.
7:40 am- Put a TRR sticker on a homeless man, hand one to second guy, he must have thought it was money then saw it was a sticker, he cussed at me and threw his tin foil hat at us.

7:55 am- Stop at Mile 2 to pee, there is Fanning, he bailed at starting line due to long line and we caught him at mile two.  Someone put TRR stickers on the porta potty. Talked to some girls…told them I was married.
8:11 am- Hill Time- up to Liberty Memorial, this is mile 3 and we still feel pretty good about ourselves, take a pretty good pace up the hill. Then we loop in front of Liberty Memorial, head down Main (I believe) to Westport.
8:30 am- Another hill, shitty one, I am thinking we were near a hospital but not sure, either way this was another drag we still didn’t walk.  Fanning and Lee fight again, I have now lost count.
8:50 am- See first crack head hooker, about 30th and Main, gave her TRR sticker. Starting to yell out loud “THUNDER ROAD RACING: FEEL THE POWER”
9:00 am- Through Westport, we lose Fanning, feeling pretty good at mile 9, making up some time, decent  crowd of people in Plaza…then
9:10 am- Hit a wall, knee hurts, foot hurts, pride hurts.  I am cussing now at every person who hands me water…they say “Great Job” I say “cuss words”…not my best moment, keep in mind with this log I have skipped like 4 other “gradual inclines”…wiped out.
9:12 am- Scott is now cheerleading to keep me on pace (Ed Note: Scott was awesome to stay with me, he could have ran a much faster race)…when who do we see??  SUZY HAY!!!! Just the pick up we need…I think we are between mile 9 and 10.
9:15 am- Still cussing at volunteers…they say “Great Job, only 3 more miles to go”…I say “You calling me fat? I hate you and hate running”
9:30 am- We hit mile 10…decide we can run 3 miles that is an easy weekday training run, 30 more minutes…or 8-10 more songs.
9:35 am- Katy Perry comes on my IPod…start singing “Hot and Cold” some girls started coming over to me, had to tell them I was married.
9:46 am- More hills….ugggh, we have just rounded 18th and Vine, home stretch
9:55 am-Last 500 yards, thought there might be some cool reflective moment, all the hard work, to think years ago I would be running 13 miles…but not really, just focused on finishing.  See friends and family (very cool) and listen to Kelly Clarkson.
10:00 am- Get a medal, girl giving out the medals tried to kiss me; I have to tell her I am married.
10:05 am- Take some awesome team pics with Gant’s, Welsh’s, Cameron’s, Mike Casey, Suzy Hay, Jaime & Jen…finally starting to enjoy this crazy deal.
10:10 am- 10 pm- Drink 9 beers, eat a cheeseburger, watch Neb lose, go to a chili cook off hosted by Scott Lee.
One of the best days of my life.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Morning of...

The boys, Brad, Scott & Russ, just left our house for downtown KC for their 1/2 marathon.  Clearly they were revved up... I'm not a morning person (it's 6am), so I really just heard bits and piece of what they were chattering about - the usus: football, something funny Matthew Gant said, Brad's radio show.  Funny was the 5 minute discussion dedicated the position of "the number" on the shirt... don't get it crooked, front not back, small safety pins not big, oh! it's crooked...  good times!

Pics to come. Stay tuned! Looking forward to the race!

Friday, October 8, 2010

It's the Eye of the Tiger, It's the Thrill of the Fight...

So I am going to focus a bit on my blog this week leading up to the big race on 10/16.  I wanna talk music today.  I love music…a lot. Probably because I am an awesome singer (could probably do professionally), I also play air drums and air guitar like my life depends on it.  It’s pretty sweet.
But I found out since I started running about 3 months ago that songs I love don’t play all that well on a run.  Take “The Boxer” a song that was written for Don Burns, I can sing it like a mother.  DO NOT try to run to this song…it will make you want to jump off a bridge or walk into traffic, save this for 3am when you want to scare off girls at a house party.  Another good example, country music, I love country music (except Kenny Chesney, I hope he catches on fire) but don’t run to country music.  It never carries a good beat, feels like I am a homeless person running from invisible voices.
So without more rambling here are some songs that are getting a lot of play on my IPod…feel free to share songs that may be useful in my travels…
Eye of the Tiger/Survivor- duh
My Hero/Foo Fighters- I play a lot of FF because of their awesomeness, but this also reminds me of Varsity Blues, which reminds me of Matthew Gant, which reminds me of getting drunk and rowdy which is much cooler than running.
Since U Been Gone/Kelly Clarkson- A wildcard, but great beat and I love to sing out loud this to piss off Scott Lee while running.  
Supernatural Superserious/REM- Sounds silly but the first song I played on my intro to running at the 5K in CG, plus I sing it well.
Any Song/Motley Crue- As my wife said run to music you would hear at a WWF event or tractor pull, this awesome hair band fits that category well.
 Lose Yourself/Eminem- Reminds me of the mean streets I grew up on in CG
Kings and Queens/30 Seconds to Mars- New to my playlist but a big ole powerful anthem that makes you feel like you are running somewhere cool, not just in a neighborhood peeping in windows at 5 am.
It’s My Life/Bon Jovi- Another song I sing well.
Hanging Around/Counting Crows- See My Hero but insert Joshua Chachi Gant
Black Jesus/Everlast- I fist pump to this when I am running.

Feel free to add anything I should be singing/listening to…

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Celebration…not the end of the journey but a milestone- October 16th

Thunder Road Racing has reserved the “The Alley” and urban beer garden for an 11 am (or immediately following race) get together on Saturday, 10/16.  The brewery is located just west of 75th and Wornall, for additional deets

The reason we are getting together is to celebrate the accomplishment of completing the Kansas City Half Marathon.  Thunder Road Racing team members scheduled to run: Scott Lee, Brad Fanning, Suzy Hay, and Chris “Russ” Thomas.
Not only will you get the chance to have a cold beer but once you hear all the stories (about runners crying, peeing themselves, and horrific injuries) you will probably want to join TRR. 
Any questions you can contact me at  

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Support Party Shindig

October 16, 2010 is the KC Marathon date. Russ, Brad, and Scott have been working very hard, on a strict training schedule, to gear up for the race.

I'd like to welcome everyone interested to join me for a "Support Party, Party"
The day of the race, we'll want to have signs for our cheering sections. So the purpose of the "Support Party, Party" will be to make our signs.

Who:     You
What:    Decorating Poster board to support runners
When:    Friday, Oct. 8th at 7pm (flexible, depending on feedback)
Where:  TBD, depending on number coming (somewhere near Prairie Village)
Why:     Show support for runners, some you know, others you don't
How:     Bring your creativity, a few craft supplies, and a smile

Contact: or @Facebook

Poster boards and some craft supplies will be provided, but if you have some things you want to use... have at!  You don't have to come to the race day festivities to help, but we'd love to have you there!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adventure Race (Updated Photos)

Got some sweet photos of Scott and Brad on Adventure Race...not too shabby.

Gator Bait

So in FL this week for work, trying to stay on a running program and had 5 miles planned this morning.  At dinner last night my boss, a local, asked where I was running.  I told her the canal path near the hotel.  She said it is mating season DO NOT go down to the water, alligators are out. I laughed and said that is funny, then realized it was no joke (poops pants).

So I go out at 5:45 am, it is dark and I am on the canal.  All I can think is what a way to die...some poor aligator dicking with the wrong guy.  Seriously, I was running scared, every noise was an aligator.  I paced at 9.5 min/miles which is much faster than I run, but I am usually not chased by imaginary alligators.

Sunrise in FL
Then I met a new coworker/friend, Maureen, who met me for two additional miles.  It was fun running with Maureen, it always makes time go quicker when running with someone.  And on our run we got to see cute ducklings not alligators :)

Duck and Ducklings 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Join Thunder Road Racing

Want to get started? Already an experienced athlete? Join our team!

Thunder Road Racing is just a group of fun peeps who are focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise. We've figured out that "old and fat is just not working" for us!

There are lots of benefits of being a part of the Thunder Road Racing team:
- We're fun
- We're positive and supportive
- You can order a cool TRR athletic tee-shirt
- We'll challenge you
- Who knows where this thing will take us!

So here's what you have to do:
- send us an email, let us know you're interested
- Pick a race, sign up, run it with one of the current team members
- Order your team shirt
- Keep us posted on how you're doing
- That's it... you're on the team!

KC Metro Area Races in 2010

Contact the Team:

Zoo Run "Running with Hot Girls"

Had a awesome race this weekend with my pretty wife (Jaime) and our pretty friend (Jenn). It was a blast.

Jenn, Jaime, Russ

We ran a 4 mile Zoo Run at the KC Zoo.  It was a fund raiser for the new Polar Bear exhibit which was awesome.   The race was fun; running with new friends is very cool.  Especially as Jenn and Jaime are even newer to running than me.  I was a bit nervous Jaime and I might fight, mostly because I am a pain in the ass.  I was afraid I was going to want to run faster and we would exchange words and I would throw her in the tiger cage (awful active imagination, huh)?

But I was wrong, it was great.  Jaime is a warrior! She never stopped to walk and was out in front more than once.  Very Impressive.

Jenn was no different she told me she had never ran more than 1.5 miles, then proceeded to blow through the first 3 miles like a pro, we did slow on our last mile, but seriously, these two skipped 5K's and went right to a four miler to start their TRR career!

Also, a crazy story, 2 boys hopped in the tiger cage right in front of me.  Now keep in mind, I don't like kids but being a decent person I hopped in and saved them.  You will probably see this all over the news, no big deal... (bullshit story).

Anyway, Jaime now has the running bug; we are heading to a 10K next weekend.  Should be a blast.      

Tiger I had to save the kids from :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Adventure Race in Lawrence

Scott and Brad participated in an adventure race in Lawrence. I was not available as I went to Council Grove for the weekend. I did get in an 11 mile run with friends.

Surprisingly, Scott and Brad did not fight during the race and actually ended on speaking terms.

The race consisted of 27 Miles of Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Canoeing Adventure Race on the river trails of Lawrence, KS.

Outside of some mechanical issues during the mountain biking portion, Brad and Scott posted a decent time, had a great time and got to share the finish with our good friend and racing inspiration, Mark Cameron.

Finish Line shot with Mark Cameron

Scott Lee is intense!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5K at the K

Beautiful Morning at
Royal's Kauffman Stadium
5k at the K
Sept. 4, 2010

Thunder Road Racing stepped out for the Royals/Autism Awareness 5k on Saturday 9/4.  Brad Fanning and Russ Thomas were in attendance.  It was a glorious day!  65 degrees and sunny at 8 am.  The run is very cool, you finish in Royals Stadium and they show you on the Jumbotron as you come in to finish.  Pretty sweet.  Brad has been great support on our half marathon mission.  While in Toledo Brad ran 2 half marathons and a full one day (kidding).

Our goal was 30 minutes or less, keep in mind the last 5k I ran was 38 minutes.  So this was a huge step for me, moving from a pace of around 11 min miles to 9:30 min miles.  Felt good and as Brad said "stayed in second gear" the whole race, pushed but not too hard.  We ended up finishing in 31:20, which is still awesome, if I must say so myself.          

Below is a shot of Brad and I post race, we are already looking forward to going back next year and breaking 30!

Russ Thomas & Brad Fanning, Smiling afterward

Friday, September 3, 2010


I would be remiss if I did not shout out to my good friend and running mentor (sounds important) Suzy (Baker) Hay.  I ran into Suzy a few months back at a class reunion, no need to tell you which one, and found that Suzy is a runner.  Working hard to live a healthy lifestyle I have worked out a lot but have always been intimidated by running.  Suzy has been great with advice, setting up the blog, and as a running partner.  

She is offically a member of Thunder Road Racing whether she likes it or not!     

Sunday, August 8, 2010

10K Brew2Shoe- Manhattan

Russ, Suzy, Scott pre-Brew2Shoe
The Brew2Shoe 10K really got our juices flowing…the background. Scott and I had been working out in bootcamp/classes/gym format since Nov 2009. In June 2010, while seeing great results we began to hit a wall in regard to weight loss. We discussed the idea of running but decided it was not cool enough and we would end up blowing up our knees.

Fast Forward a month, I ran into Suzy in June in Council Grove (hometown). She was doing a walk while I was talked into a 5K with my cousin Cindy Silva. Suzy told me she was a runner and how enjoyable it was as a hobby (some people collect stamps or mail order brides, others run and torture their body, hobby has very broad definitions).

Once I told Scott that I was signing up for a half marathon he could not let me “one up him” so he signed up like 5 minutes later. We were going through the motions not quite sure what to expect until we went to the Brew2Shoe, Scott’s first race ever, my second.


Such a needed race as the training runs were boring and we just weren’t into it. But once we got the true race day experience we were in. I honestly don’t remember much about the race, it went quick, we finished in 67 minutes and it was not nearly as hot as it had been the prior two weeks.

But all in all a great experience and Suzy was awesome showing us the ropes.
Sweaty, Post-race