Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gator Bait

So in FL this week for work, trying to stay on a running program and had 5 miles planned this morning.  At dinner last night my boss, a local, asked where I was running.  I told her the canal path near the hotel.  She said it is mating season DO NOT go down to the water, alligators are out. I laughed and said that is funny, then realized it was no joke (poops pants).

So I go out at 5:45 am, it is dark and I am on the canal.  All I can think is what a way to die...some poor aligator dicking with the wrong guy.  Seriously, I was running scared, every noise was an aligator.  I paced at 9.5 min/miles which is much faster than I run, but I am usually not chased by imaginary alligators.

Sunrise in FL
Then I met a new coworker/friend, Maureen, who met me for two additional miles.  It was fun running with Maureen, it always makes time go quicker when running with someone.  And on our run we got to see cute ducklings not alligators :)

Duck and Ducklings 

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  1. Smart training strategy; see if you can bring one back and we can implement here in KS. Good way to bring our times down!