Friday, September 3, 2010


I would be remiss if I did not shout out to my good friend and running mentor (sounds important) Suzy (Baker) Hay.  I ran into Suzy a few months back at a class reunion, no need to tell you which one, and found that Suzy is a runner.  Working hard to live a healthy lifestyle I have worked out a lot but have always been intimidated by running.  Suzy has been great with advice, setting up the blog, and as a running partner.  

She is offically a member of Thunder Road Racing whether she likes it or not!     


  1. I LIKE IT! =)
    Running mentor - oh man, no pressure there! I'm still learning myself, we'll just figure it out together. Run on friends!

  2. Suzy is the reason I started running too! I read her blog one night and started thinking maybe I could be a runner someday, too! The next day, I registered for a race.
    You both really inspire me!

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