Monday, September 20, 2010

Zoo Run "Running with Hot Girls"

Had a awesome race this weekend with my pretty wife (Jaime) and our pretty friend (Jenn). It was a blast.

Jenn, Jaime, Russ

We ran a 4 mile Zoo Run at the KC Zoo.  It was a fund raiser for the new Polar Bear exhibit which was awesome.   The race was fun; running with new friends is very cool.  Especially as Jenn and Jaime are even newer to running than me.  I was a bit nervous Jaime and I might fight, mostly because I am a pain in the ass.  I was afraid I was going to want to run faster and we would exchange words and I would throw her in the tiger cage (awful active imagination, huh)?

But I was wrong, it was great.  Jaime is a warrior! She never stopped to walk and was out in front more than once.  Very Impressive.

Jenn was no different she told me she had never ran more than 1.5 miles, then proceeded to blow through the first 3 miles like a pro, we did slow on our last mile, but seriously, these two skipped 5K's and went right to a four miler to start their TRR career!

Also, a crazy story, 2 boys hopped in the tiger cage right in front of me.  Now keep in mind, I don't like kids but being a decent person I hopped in and saved them.  You will probably see this all over the news, no big deal... (bullshit story).

Anyway, Jaime now has the running bug; we are heading to a 10K next weekend.  Should be a blast.      

Tiger I had to save the kids from :)

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  1. You guys are awesome! I have been watching for the tiger story on the news...still haven't seen it. ;)