Friday, October 8, 2010

It's the Eye of the Tiger, It's the Thrill of the Fight...

So I am going to focus a bit on my blog this week leading up to the big race on 10/16.  I wanna talk music today.  I love music…a lot. Probably because I am an awesome singer (could probably do professionally), I also play air drums and air guitar like my life depends on it.  It’s pretty sweet.
But I found out since I started running about 3 months ago that songs I love don’t play all that well on a run.  Take “The Boxer” a song that was written for Don Burns, I can sing it like a mother.  DO NOT try to run to this song…it will make you want to jump off a bridge or walk into traffic, save this for 3am when you want to scare off girls at a house party.  Another good example, country music, I love country music (except Kenny Chesney, I hope he catches on fire) but don’t run to country music.  It never carries a good beat, feels like I am a homeless person running from invisible voices.
So without more rambling here are some songs that are getting a lot of play on my IPod…feel free to share songs that may be useful in my travels…
Eye of the Tiger/Survivor- duh
My Hero/Foo Fighters- I play a lot of FF because of their awesomeness, but this also reminds me of Varsity Blues, which reminds me of Matthew Gant, which reminds me of getting drunk and rowdy which is much cooler than running.
Since U Been Gone/Kelly Clarkson- A wildcard, but great beat and I love to sing out loud this to piss off Scott Lee while running.  
Supernatural Superserious/REM- Sounds silly but the first song I played on my intro to running at the 5K in CG, plus I sing it well.
Any Song/Motley Crue- As my wife said run to music you would hear at a WWF event or tractor pull, this awesome hair band fits that category well.
 Lose Yourself/Eminem- Reminds me of the mean streets I grew up on in CG
Kings and Queens/30 Seconds to Mars- New to my playlist but a big ole powerful anthem that makes you feel like you are running somewhere cool, not just in a neighborhood peeping in windows at 5 am.
It’s My Life/Bon Jovi- Another song I sing well.
Hanging Around/Counting Crows- See My Hero but insert Joshua Chachi Gant
Black Jesus/Everlast- I fist pump to this when I am running.

Feel free to add anything I should be singing/listening to…


  1. whitney houston tunes will enable you to run like forrest gump. think of yourself as kevin costner protecting her in the movie "bodyguard." we're talking whitney before she shot heroin and got tossed around by bobby. pre-crack whitney on your 1/2 marathon iPod is a must. BF

  2. I almost peed my pants when I read that Lose Yourself reminds you of the mean streets of CG.

    Your blog is as entertaining as I remember you being! You crack me up!

  3. My only advice, do NOT show up to the 1/2 this Saturday w/ that Kelly Clarkson song on your playlist or I cannot be responsible for your safety....

  4. omg you crack me up RT. I think you need to add a little Miley Cyrus to that playlist. It will make you run faster, makes you feel light on your feet....and makes your sweat smell like flowers.