Monday, February 21, 2011

Race Recap: Run Toto Run

Scott Lee and Chris Thomas ran the 10 mile trail run at Wyandotte County Lake known as “Run Toto Run”.  We ran the “easy” race, as they offered a 10, 20, and 30 mile trek.  This was our first trail run as TRR and while enjoyable, it was very demanding.
Scott and Russ
I had read on line that trail running can be like running double for road runners like us. I could not believe that a 10 mile run would really feel like 20 miles.  I quickly changed my mind on mile 7 when I started to cry, by mile 8 Scott’s legs were locking up and the last two miles we ran like zombies.  We were mumbling, bouncing off trees, each other, while knocking down other runners.  It was awesome.
The race day started out around 7:00 am leaving Overland Park to get out to “the Dot” for our 9 am start.  Jaime Davis-Thomas was an awesome co pilot, she volunteered at the race and took video/photos for TRR.  With 6-8 inches of packed snow on the ground and 25 degrees when we left the house it was definitely a different element than we had ran a race in prior to this. 
The race had a good crowd, 500-600 runners; we got to chat with Ben Sigle.  Ben runs the Manhattan Running Company, and if you don’t shop there you should!  MRC is very helpful and knowledgeable.  We are lucky to have them as part of the KS running community.  Oh yeah, Ben got 4th place, he is fast.
All in all, the race was a great learning experience.  We realized how tough it was to pass people, hopping through snow.  We fell down.  We fell up. We cussed hills.
I am pretty sure there is more trail running in our future. Lastly, shout out to Ben, Sophia, and the Trail Nerds for putting on a great race. 

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